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The terms of service for each streaming service is different, and many state that users can be logged into numerous devices at a time, but Synamedia says that the system could be used to target those who abuse the privileges and overshare or sell passwords to other users.

Don't panic if you're just sharing with family and friends, as Netflix may just nudge you to upgrade to a premium account.

Synamedia is showing off the "Credentials Sharing Insight" tool at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Snyamedia learned from research done by Magid that roughly 26 percent of millennials share their personal Netflix credentials, creating a potentially massive loss in revenue.

The Credentials Sharing Insight system monitors account usage, the location from where it is being accessed and awards a sharing score to accounts. "It allows operators to turn casual sharing into incremental revenue, as well as detect and apply enforcement procedures on fraudulent, for-profit credentials sharing accounts". The software can determine if users are watching video at their home or if they've shared it with someone outside the home.

With regards to the terms of use, the precise wording states that: "The Netflix service and any content viewed through the service are for your personal and non-commercial use only and may not be shared with individuals beyond your household". In the case of the latter, these users will be offered a premium shared account service that includes a pre-authorized level of password sharing and a higher number of concurrent users.

You'd better watch The Haunting of Hill House while you still have the chance.

While the number of people one can share their Netflix account with depends on a personal plan, casual credentials sharing has become too expensive for the streaming service to ignore, a firm that can crack down on cheaters, has suggested.

"The way you secure OTT is evolving", said Jean Marc Racine, CPO and GM EMEA of Synamedia, explained in an interview to Variety.

The company said it is now conducting trials with several pay-TV operators albeit it did not provide further details on which ones.