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According Dan O'Brien, general manager of HTC America, the addition of eye-tracking will enable foveated rendering - a feature on other VR headsets that enables reduced processing and clearer images that focus on the areas where you're looking. HTC unveiled the Vive Pro, stating that it will allow business and developers to gather data about their virtual training environments, while also removing the need for controllers by offering gaze-oriented menu navigation and more. The last one is important for people using laptops to run their VR experience as the practice burns through battery life.

Leece continued by saying "By integrating eye tracking technology into Home Run Derby VR, we are able to transport this transformative baseball experience to any location without additional controllers needed". However, VR enthusiasts will no doubt begin tinkering with it once it's available and begin to reveal some of the gaming applications of the headset, which we're excited to see.

We don't know if the Vive Cosmos will ship ready for untethered use or it will reply on the "ever-increasing suite of modular customizations", mentioned in an email to HEXUS, for such functionality.

Finally in HTC news for now, the Viveport Infinity is a new monthly subscription that will give you access to over 500 games and apps.

The Vive Cosmos is described as a "new premium PC VR system, and a vision of the virtual future". That's probably the most interesting hook for the Vive Cosmos. Just like the regular Viveport subscription, there's a free trial period and you can cancel at anytime. The company's original HTC Vive garnered a lot of early excitement, but a series of aggressive price cuts from Facebook's Oculus forced the company into a rough spot trying to find hardware margins in the less price-sensitive enterprise market. Lockheed Martin is using the Vive Pro Eye to help train student pilots, for example. Once robust hand tracking is ready to go, we could be enjoying entirely controller free VR experiences. The Origin is the hub for things like Viveport Infinity. We'll keep an eye out for any more tidbits of info from CES, but failing that?

Pro VR users are being targeted with the release of the new HTC Vive Pro Eye.

Elsewhere, Vive announced a deal with Mozilla to launch the first Vive-dedicated VR browser.