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While the square lockup might remind you of Huawei's recent Mate 20 Pro, the arrangement of lenses and the position of the square are different.

Apple has bounced back from similar disappointments in the past, and the leaks suggest that the company is placing its bets on the triple rear camera design to make a comeback. Above the third camera is an LED flash and a microphone on the bottom.

For now, we recommend taking this render with a pinch of salt since it's just too early for such leaks.

It also remains to be seen if a third camera will be Apple's ticket to bounce back from a low 2018.

Similar like a year ago, Apple is expected to release three iPhone models which include a cheaper variant to succeed the iPhone XR.

All that camera technology plastered on the back of a sleek, Apple iPhone leads to a super-sized camera bump that we feel will split opinion.

It is not the first time we have heard that the 2019 iPhones could have three cameras, since some previous reports stated that the company could add a third camera with 3D ToF technology in the 2019 iPhones.

Importantly, Onleaks says these images are based on engineering validation test (EVT) hardware, so the designs could change before the phones arrive in September. With major brands like Apple exploring this area of 3D sensors, and Sony boosting its interest here, we won't be surprised to see plenty of 3D mapping hardware and software in 2019. Whether Touch ID returns through a sensor in the display is one of the most exciting question about the new iPhone. The 3D camera would be able to create 3D depth maps by measuring the time it takes light to bounce off things in a scene. There's no doubt the iPhone XI will support wireless charging and have aluminium core - even if it is for the premium models.