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So far, the White House has given no heads up regarding the details of Trump's message.

A short while after Sanders' tweet, Trump said in his own Twitter post that he will address the nation on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST (0200 GMT Wednesday) to discuss what he called a humanitarian and national security crisis on the southern USA border.

Trump's visit to the border would come in the midst of what is now a 17-day partial government shutdown centering on a dispute over his demand for more than $5 billion in funding to build a barrier to block migrants, a lot of them from Central American countries, from crossing into the United States.

President Donald Trump announced on Monday he would make a prime-time address and visit the U.S. -Mexico border this week as the partial federal government shutdown entered its 17th day after a funding impasse over his demand for money to build a border wall. USA law and and court orders make it hard to quickly deport these families or detain them for an extended period while their asylum claims are adjudicated.

For instance, during a news conference on Friday, Trump claimed that predecessors in the White House had told him that they would have supported a border wall, but that was contradicted by spokespersons for the living ex-commanders in chief.

"What I'm aware of is they're looking at it and the President is considering it", Pence told reporters during an hourlong briefing alongside Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Office of Management and Budget acting director Russell Vought.

A White House official told CNN on Saturday that Trump was leaning toward declaring a national emergency to use military funding for his wall.

Trump maintains that more than $5 billion for a wall is necessary to secure the border. Trump has said he may invoke emergency powers to build a border wall if Congress doesn't agree to his demand for funding.

Administration officials say there is general agreement with Democrats on providing an additional $800 million for urgent humanitarian needs at the border, including enhanced medical supplies and services. "If we don't have border security, we are going to be crime-ridden and it's going to get worse and worse".

He paints the Mexico border as an open gate for criminals, including rapists, terrorists, people with unsafe diseases and phony asylum seekers.

Funding the wall through a national emergency, however, would remove the main point of contention with Congress, clearing the way to end the government shutdown and resume paying the federal workers affected.

The Latest on the government shutdown (all times local): 5 p.m. "That's why rich, powerful, and successful people build them around their homes".

The Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum is seen shuttered during the partial government shutdown, January 4, 2019, in Washington. But Democrats have made clear they see a wall as immoral and ineffective and prefer other types of border security funded at already agreed upon levels.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House would begin considering individual appropriations bills this week that would reopen the government, starting with legislation that would return workers to the Treasury Department, including the IRS, followed by measures to open the departments of Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, and the Interior.

Republican Susan Collins of ME wants the Senate to take up House-passed bills to re-open the government.

Trump contends the wall is needed to stop migrants from illegally crossing into the US from Mexico, as well as preventing drug trafficking and terrorism.

"If he has to give up a concrete wall, replace it with a steel fence in order to do that so that Democrats can say, 'See?"