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Prior to this week's report, the flu activity was described as "moderate" and "regional", indicating the spread has increased over the past few weeks.

The flu is widespread in NY and 10 other states, according to the CDC. That's compared to 90 reported cases this time previous year.

"Less than 1 in 3 people in Wisconsin have received influenza vaccines". By that season's end, the state logged more than 6,400 hospitalizations, along with 435 deaths. One of the 10 flu deaths in Arkansas this flu season was pediatric. Nationally 13 children have died from the flu, none of which were from Virginia.

The CDC's "flu view" map is based on outpatient visits to healthcare providers for influenza-like illness.

Peak flu season in the state is between now and March.

According to surveillance data released by the Public Health Agency of Canada on Friday, there have been 13,796 laboratory-confirmed influenza cases across Canada this season, up until December 29, 2018. The average duration of a flu season for the last five seasons has been 16 weeks, with a range of 11 weeks to 20 weeks.

Influenza activity is considered moderate as the US enters the peak of flu season. Several different strains of the flu were responsible for the deaths, including influenza A, influenza B, H1N1, H3N2, or a mix, according to the CDC.

That virus is similar to the one that caused the flu pandemic in 2009, said Halperin, but hasn't been predominant since then - meaning that many people likely don't have immunity to it anymore.

The flu is now spreading throughout the United States, health officials said Friday.

This evaluation, as well as any subsequent recommended changes, occurs every year as experts use available data to anticipate the strains that may emerge, in an effort to make the vaccine as effective as possible, Rock says.

He said it was not too late to get the flu vaccine and urged vulnerable people in particular to get it.

People who are elderly, young and those who already have underlying conditions are most at-risk of contractingt he highly-contagious virus.

The shot can have benefits for entire communities as well. "But we are starting to see more cases reported right now". Individuals with naïve or suppressed immune systems are the most susceptible to the flu.

Besides the loss of life and the associated grief-which is incalculable-flu outbreaks have a real economic impact as well.

Stay home when you are sick.