KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Floyd Mayweather absolutely demolished kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawaat RIZIN FF 14 from the Saitama Super Arena (highlights here) earlier today. 50-0 Mayweather does not get to add another digit to his record given the status of this match-up but he does get to add $9 million to his bank account, not bad for 139 seconds work. It was created as an exhibition bout to protect Mayweather's record in case of an unexpected disaster, Nasukawa was prevented from using any kicks, and the contest was only scheduled for three rounds. He deleted all social-media posts about the match and left some wondering whether the whole thing was a sham.

There is still speculation that Mayweather could be interested in coming out of retirement for the victor of Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner on January 19th. I'm still retired and this was just entertainment.

But the promoter flew to the USA to meet Mayweather and announced a week later that the fight was back on, saying that a "misunderstanding" had been resolved.

Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa
Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa

"And unless he's Japan's greatest actor, watching Nasukawa bawl in the ring after his corner threw in the towel tells me that even if his Mayweather fight was fixed, "Teppen" probably didn't get the memo".

As Mayweather pummeled poor Nasukawa, the broadcasters sounded like the fight was something for the ages, gushing over how awesome Mayweather looked beating up a tiny opponent. As you can see, the five-division world champion apparently has no inclinations to return to the ring for a legitimate bout. Tenshin is still undefeated.

Moments after the opening bell, the much larger Floyd Mayweather was plowing forward, clubbing Tenshin Nasukawa with huge power shots. We had fun. Tokyo, you were incredible, but I'm still retired. He was gracious in victory, hugging the weeping Nasukawa and calling him "still a great champion".