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"We want to assure Afghan nationals that there will be no threat to anyone from our side".

"I don't think their mindset has changed, but they have realized that without respecting human rights, they can not be accepted by the global community", Bilal Sediqi, a spokesman for the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, told Reuters.

The Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989, ending a decade-long occupation and precipitating a bloody civil war and the emergence of the Taliban.

Saudi officials had participated in the talks between the Americans and the Taliban in Abu Dhabi on Dec 17-18, months after Saudi Arabia organized an worldwide conference of the religious scholars, who had urged the Taliban to accept President Ghani's dialogue offer and hold direct negotiations.

The global society tries to contribute to the inter-Afghan reconciliation by organising different formats between the government in Kabul and the Taliban movement. Soon afterwards, they launched complex attacks on strategic provinces to try to oust Afghan forces and used civilians as human shields.

Abdul, a 12-year police veteran now working in the western province of Farah, told Reuters, "The Taliban are not the old ones". But still I have not lost my hope in the future.

CNBC Newsalso included a statement by K. Rajendra Kumar, former director of police in India-held Kashmir (IHK), saying that a change in USA policies in Afghanistan would also have implications for IHK, which is home to independence movements and anti-India protesters.

Since 2001 a Sunni Islamic fundamentalist political movement Taliban, which ruled Afghanistan in 1996-2001, wages a partisan war to restore its control over the country.

Indian scholars argue that this development could change the security scenario in South Asia as well, "requiring re-orientation of (India's) strategic policy" in dealing with both the Taliban and Pakistan.

"We are not against women working in government organizations or against their outdoor activities, but we will be against the alien culture clothes worn by women, brought to our country", Mujahid said.

In a taunting message sent on the 39th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of the war-torn country, the Taliban said United States forces faced "humiliation" and could "learn a great deal" from the experience of their Cold War foe.

"We have seen some signs of changes among them, but they have to show it in their actions that they have really changed", he said.

But a senior commander told AFP that the group was "more than happy". "They are also exhausted of war".