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The statement from Bahrain's foreign ministry said it was important that Arab states work to prevent any regional interference in Syria's internal affairs, to help consolidate security and stability in the country.

In private statements to Al Arabiya, Gargash stressed that everyone is convinced that there is a political path to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Ex-United States ambassador to Syria in 2011, Robert Ford said: "I think they are hoping that over time that by financial and diplomatic re-engagement with Damascus, they can reduce Iranian influence".

Re-opening of UAE embassy in Syria's capital Damascus was a step towards the rehabilitation on Syria by its Arab fellows.

UAE had closed its Embassy in the early years of the Syrian conflict.

"Syria is a country in the heart of the Arab world and it's an indescribable country in the Arab world and this is an invitation to the Arab countries to return", he said.

In October, Assad told a little-known Kuwaiti newspaper that Syria had reached a "major understanding" with Arab states after years of hostility.

"This does not rule out a possible change of the Arab position in the future", he added.

- On December 22, Syrian intelligence chief Ali Mamluk, a key regime figure, visits Cairo for talks with Egyptian officials.

All three countries were also involved in CIA-led logistics hubs that trained and equipped opposition fighters.

A Cham Wings Airlines jet completed the first flight between the two countries since 2011. Since then, most Arab countries have cut or downgraded their diplomatic relations with Syria.

Commenting on the development, the foreign ministry said the UAE wanted to boost the "Arab role in supporting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syria Arab Republic".

Tehran has been a staunch supporter of Assad's government and has expanded its military footprint in Syria throughout the course of the conflict.

Trump also claimed that Saudi Arabia had agreed to finance Syria's enormous reconstruction needs.

US President Donald Trump announced last week that the 2,000 forces now deployed in Syria, which are stationed in two areas on the Iraq border partially to keep Iran in check, will be returning home.