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A transformer fire at Con Ed power plant in the New York City borough of Queens led to a odd blue light lighting up the night sky.

Lights flickered in the borough, the explosion could be seen lighting up the skyline and sky turned an eerie teal blue.

WABC reported that the incident was caused by a transformer explosion at a power plant.

At LaGuardia Airport, there were reports of power outages and flights temporarily halted.

The explosions lit up the sky in shades of blue visible as far as Manhattan and New Jersey.

A large fire has broken out at Consolidated Edison energy company in NY after a generator at the power plant blew out, surreally lighting up the entire city's skyline and triggering fears of an ongoing alien invasion.

The NYPD eventually confirmed that there was no alien activity either in Queens or the Bronx and that the explosion was not the result of suspicious activity.

Mayor Bill de Blasio's spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted that the lights were attributable to a "blown transformer" at the Queens facility.

Parts of Queens have lost power and La Guardia airport has closed after the incident.

The fire is now under control, police said. Scattered power outages, including LGA.

The airport is cautioning passengers to check with their carriers, as "may flights are departing, some are not".

PHOTO: The NYPD is investigating a transformer explosion that caused the sky to turn blue above New York City Thursday night.