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Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee that heard testimony from Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg in September, has previously put forth several potential measures for regulating tech companies.

A report prepared for USA lawmakers revealed this week showed detailed information on how Russian entities manipulated Facebook and other social networks to support the Trump effort.

That said, it doesn't seem to have stopped people from joining Facebook, or led to huge numbers leaving.

"Did partners get access to messages? Yes".

It is unclear what these companies would need such invasive data for, and they still have it and what their plans are to do with it.

User response to the joke was decidedly cool, but the notion that Facebook preemptively gave big tech companies access to user data became something of a theme. The documents come from Facebook's internal system for tracking its partnerships, and they give an insight into how the social network shares user data with other companies. "Unlike a game, streaming music service, or other third-party app, which offer experiences that are independent of Facebook, these partners can only offer specific Facebook features and are unable to use information for independent purposes".

The post went on to explain that "our integration partners had to get authorization from people".

More troubling to observers, however, was any sense that Facebook gave third parties deep access to user data without properly informing users and gaining permission.

"I don't understand how this unconsented to data harvesting can at all be justified under the consent decree".

Numerous partnerships ended years ago, but the details reported by the Times are striking. Facebook has been hammered with questions about its data sharing from lawmakers and regulators in the United States and Europe.

The social media giant Facebook has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. Angry users started a #DeleteFacebook movement. Data wasn't used for advertising and has since been deleted, the company told the Times.

To make matters worse for Facebook, which has faced constant scrutiny lately for its data sharing policies, alleged political biases and privacy concerns of its users, Karl Racine, the Attorney General of Washington D.C., announced a lawsuit against Facebook for "failing to protect millions of users' data".

More than 150 companies benefited from the arrangement. The FTC, which regulates trade, can bring enforcement actions against companies that deceive their customers. Facebook has been battered in the markets this year as the data privacy scandal unfolded. "We use information only in accordance with our privacy policy".

What's more interesting is that the partnership reportedly worked both ways.

However, the FTC itself believes the social platform interpreted the exemption too broadly. "These are known as integration partners", the company's statement says.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company had found "no evidence of abuse by its partners", but there's no evidence they were actually looking. The Times - one of nine media companies named in the documents - had access to users' friend lists for an article-sharing application it also had discontinued in 2011. She added that the Ukrainian allegations "have no merit". "You would have had to sign in with your Facebook account to use the integration offered by Apple, Amazon or another integration partner". Most of Facebook's partners declined to discuss what kind of reviews or audits Facebook subjected them to.