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It then releases a list of most searched queries under different topics at the end of every year. Unsurprisingly, the Royal Wedding takes the number one slot in the United Kingdom news, number four in the global news category and number eight in the U.S. news section.

Guess what the most searched sports event of 2018 in India was? Meghan Markle was also the most searched for person of the year internationally, followed closely by Demi Lovato.

Looking at Irish eating habits, vegan recipes made their first appearance in the top 10 of Google's food-related searches and it looks like many were on a health kick, with "healthy dinner recipes" and "Operation Transformation recipes" appearing high in the charts.

This is what the world searched for on Google in 2018

Among the top searched names were Swedish DJ Avicii, . rapper Mac Miller, . the creator of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, celebrity chef Anthony Bordain, and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, to name a few. The top "what is" search in the USA was "what is Bitcoin".

This year's trending searches show South Africans keen interest in local celebrities, news and events, with six of the top 10 trending search terms being local. In a video shared just a couple of hours ago, Google revealed the heartwarming, uplifting word that the world searched for - more than ever before - in 2018. The fifth most popular "What is." search is "What is the Commonwealth".

More specifically, on the list of most trending "Musicians and Bands", Lovato is No. 1 on both the USA and global chart.