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Zubairi Djoerban SpPD, KHOM said that negative stigma about people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH) emerged among Indonesian communities is because a lot of them did not understand the transmission of the disease.

Dr Baird continued: "Whilst the epidemic is slowing in the United Kingdom, almost half of people who test positive find out very late that they have HIV, meaning the virus may have damaged their health permanently, which is why early diagnosis is so important". "We still have a significant problem across the world with HIV, and so it's important to get the education out and particularly to focus with our youth so that they can get protection". However, about 9.4 million people did not know that they were living with HIV.

It said it has been implementing plans and strategies of prevention and cure to stop the appearance of any new cases.

According to the latest statistics of the National STD/AIDS Control Program (NSACP), Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka, cumulative HIV cases reported by the end of the first three quarters of this year is 3,117, while AIDS (potentially fatal infections occurring as a result of HIV virus damaged immune system) cases is 757.

Lloyd Russell Moyle, a 32-year-old Labour MP representing Brighton, said he couldn't "keep quiet any more" that he was living with the virus - which he contracted when he was 22.

47% of all new HIV infections are among key populations (gay men and other men having sex with men, sex workers, people who inject drugs, transgender people, and prisoners) and their partners.

"On this World AIDS Day, UNAIDS is campaigning for people to know their HIV status and their viral load". Many experts draw a link between the two pieces of data: as AIDS stopped being treated as a death sentence, many people-especially younger generations who didn't live through the AIDS outbreak in the 1980s-became more careless. It has also increased the number of people tested through the city's mobile unit to 4,000 in a year to 4,000 in a month. That means that someone who is on HIV treatment, who is taking it well, and their HIV is responding well can not pass on HIV.

Subsidized HIV testing kits available in campus vending machines cost less than five dollars
Subsidized HIV testing kits available in campus vending machines cost less than five dollars

Dr. Jared Baeten, an HIV specialist at the University of Washington, spoke to us via Skype and says even with these tools we're not there yet.

A Labour MP announced that he was HIV-positive during a speech in the House of Commons yesterday.

Russell-Moyle is the second British Member of Parliament (MP) to have been diagnosed with HIV.

He told the Press Association that there were "low level elements of stigma [surrounding HIV] in every day life".

Castrejana said he was scared of people's reaction. Stigma and discrimination need to be challenged from within the communities which have a potential in creating enabling environments and ensure easy access to sustained, accessible and affordable services.

HIV-positive individuals have faced discrimination in the Chinese job market for years, and foreigners with the virus were banned from obtaining visas until 2010.