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These apps were ostensibly driving games.

Whatever the intention of the Creator of the malware, a Google representative confirmed that the app is no longer available for download: "Providing a secure experience for our users is our top priority". But the company continues to battle rogue and malicious apps in the Google Play app store, which have taken over as one of the greatest threats to Android user security.

However, many of them couldn't find the app within Apple's store. Several of the games even started trending on the store, helping to fuel additional downloads.

Lukas Stefanko, a security researcher at ESET, tweeted details of 13 gaming apps - made by the same developer - which were at the time of his tweet downloadable from Google Play. On the surface, absolutely nothing. After crashing, the apps hide their own icons to make uninstallation more hard, while also downloading an "additional APK" in the background.

Tumblr's official app first appeared in the App Store nearly a decade after Tumblr acquired a third party app called Tumblerette.

It's also been reported that the malware allowed attackers to gain full access to the host device's network traffic in order to steal data.

All the thirteen malicious apps were displayed under the tag of "Google Play Protect", which raises questions weather Play Protect service is actually protecting anything or not.

If that wasn't wild enough, the story gets even stranger.

While some originally wondered whether the removal of the app was due to a technical problem, Tumblr told sister site CNET that the app was removed as illegal child pornography was not being stopped by the platform's filters and protections.

Apart from this, the apps' user reviews were mostly one-star, especially on an app called Truck Cargo Simulator.

It's a freakish situation overall, but for now, this rogue developer can't do any more harm.