KXIP vs KKR Live Score

While you're waiting for the game to drop, it may be useful to find out what can and can't be transferred between the games.

Once you have sent it over its stats will reroll, the same as if it had been traded.

Mount up on creatures of legend by learning about every rideable Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon you could simply head to a hair salon to change your hairstyle, or change your Pokemon's look (or more specifically, your Furfrou's look), the ability to change your Pokemon Let's Go hairstyles is nearly an Easter egg in itself. So, people have been wondering what happens when you throw money in the Vermilion City fountain in Pokemon Let's Go. So if you meet a lot of Pidgey along the way, make sure to catch them as they are valuable to meet the minimum requirements.

Pokemon boss Junichi Masada told Eurogamer how picking up Pokemon would work. Well, if you're a Pokemon fanatic like I am, then you're probably thinking about just how faithful this adaptation is compared to the Indigo League opening.

There are around 20 Parks which can hold up to 50 Pokemon - but you can transfer as many per day as you like. The reason is that putting money into the fountain can get you a Heart Scale; at least, the fountain in Cerulean City does.

Speak to the receptionist and select Bring Pokemon, and select where to send it to. The new questline arrived much earlier than anticipated; The Pokemon Company had previously teased that Special Research related to Meltan would be available this "winter", although it hadn't provided a time frame.