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Several races, including the Senate and gubernatorial contests, are approaching the 0.5-percentage-point margin that would trigger an automatic recount.

Both Florida and Georgia were preparing for ballot recounts on Friday, as contentious races for the US Senate and state governorships descended into controversy amid Republicans' accusations of Democratic vote tampering, and counter-questions about potentially confusing ballot papers.

The Scott campaign lashed out at the suit. Scott, the state's outgoing governor, held a 0.21 percentage lead over Nelson on Thursday afternoon.

A spokesperson for the Scott for Florida campaign released a statement about the development in Palm Beach County.

The newspaper's report indicated that Broward is the only county to show this trend, and that this could be due to the Senate race being listed in the lower left hand corner of the ballot, below the instructions.

"Every Floridian should be concerned there may be a rampant fraud happening in Palm Beach and Broward counties", Scott said Thursday. Snipes was accused of destroying the physical ballots while saving digital copies as the lawsuit was pending - a violation of a federal statute requiring congressional ballots be saved for 22 months after an election.

"The people of Florida deserve fairness and transparency", Scott told reporters.

In his successful 2014 reelection for governor, he came in 5 percentage points below Charlie Crist in Monroe. Bill Nelson, said Scott's actions are apparently "politically motivated and borne out of desperation".

While en route to France for ceremonies marking the end of World War I, Trump's tweet storm included criticisms of Florida elections officials and allegations of fraud.

Now a judge has agreed that Broward has violated the law and given them a few hours to rectify this, exactly as Rubio, Rick Scott, and the NRSC claimed. There are also indications that the county began the process of tripping over its own red tape before the election even took place; in some precincts, significant discrepancies between the number of people who participated in the Senate race but not the governor's race suggest that shoddy ballot design caused some voters to miss the Senate race altogether.

Under Florida law, a 0.5 percent margin in an election automatically triggers a machine recount, while a 0.25 percent margin automatically triggers a manual recount, or recount by hand.

Gillum's campaign said it's monitoring the situation with an elections lawyer and readying for a possible state-mandated recount. Broward was the setting for some of the most contentious debates over "hanging chads" and other ballot irregularities that determined the outcome of the 2000 presidential contest between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

Both campaigns filed lawsuits Thursday.

DeSantis declined to discuss prospects for a recount, telling reporters he was "very proud to be elected".

The canvassing board in Broward was working hard, according to Mr. Cerio, who attributed all the issues to Ms. Snipes and her staff which, he said, hovered over everything being done.

Scott's campaign filed the lawsuits late Thursday, when he said during a news conference that "unethical liberals" are trying to steal the election. "She did not abide by the law".

But Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is outraged that Florida election officials are going to double-check the results and make absolutely certain that the GOP won.

Without citing any evidence of wrongdoing, Scott also asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate elections offices in the Democratic strongholds of Palm Beach and Broward counties, questioning whether they have been taking too long in some sort of effort to inflate the Democratic vote.