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President Donald Trump, who was also joined by Vice President Mike Pence, rallied conservative voters Saturday night in the Panhandle ahead of Election Night, just days away.

DeSantis faces challenger Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum to replace Gov. Rick Scott, who is running against Democratic U.S. Sen.

"We just have a lot of our voters who want to vote on election day".

Trump said that Obama's assertion that "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act proved false.

At a rally for Gillum, Obama decried as a "political stunt" Trump's plan to send thousands of US soldiers to the Mexican border to block migrants from entering the country. 'How can he mobilise those who are already registered to vote to go out and vote.

Trump's campaign stops were aimed at bolstering Republicans challenging incumbent Democratic senators in West Virginia and in, states he won in the 2016 presidential election.

Glued to their televisions and Twitter feeds, they watched as former President Barack Obama lambasted his successor for the second time in six hours at a rally for Stacey Abrams, the former state House minority leader running for governor in Georgia.

"It shouldn't be Democratic or Republican to say we're not going to target certain groups based on what they looked like or how they pray", Obama said.

Only 1 percent of all people polled said they would change their minds before Tuesday's election.

Democrats were fanning out across the country to help the party stoke turnout in their effort to capture seats in Congress and win several races for governor.

One estimate shows that least 20 million people have voted in the election, with some states' early voting numbers on track to exceed the 2014 election, CNN reported.

DeSantis, meanwhile, is locked in a tight gubernatorial race against Democrat Andrew Gillum. "But all I know, what he stands for is America, making America great again and that's what I stand for".

DeSantis, Gillum's Republican opponent in the governor's race, has repeatedly criticized Tallahassee's crime rate in his campaign speeches. Swing Left, which is leading the effort, and has raised more than $9 million for candidates in 84 swing districts this cycle, says its volunteers called and knocked on the doors of almost 500,000 voters just last week.

Trump argued that Gillum would "destroy Florida" and claimed that Gillum's policies would be a "total nightmare" for the state.