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A law enforcement source said a similar package addressed to Mr Biden was intercepted at a DE mail facility, reigniting fear yesterday's bomb scare drama was not an isolated event.

A device addressed to former President Obama's home in Washington D.C. was intercepted by Secret Service.

De Niro has clashed with Donald Trump several times - once branding him a "national disaster".

Defending his comment, Trump, in a tweet, blamed the incorrect reporting by the media for the current disharmony in the country. But by Thursday morning, he was back to his old ways, launching verbal attacks on the media. The package was addressed to Brennan, who is an outspoken Trump critic and has appeared on the network.

Three bomb-like devices were found earlier Thursday, one in Lower Manhattan near the offices of actor Robert De Niro and two in Delaware addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden.

There has been no claim of responsibility and no one was yet known to have been arrested.

Another pointed out the device sent to CNN was wrapped in an Islamic State flag, although it was identified as a parody version of the distinctive design.

But Trump is facing criticism for his rhetoric against Democrats and the media over how his words could lead to violence against those he has attacked. "This egregious conduct is abhorrent".

"We will bring them to justice", President Trump said Wednesday night during a rally in Wisconsin.

"Don't let the terrorists win", he said. Trump then asked the crowd, "Do you see how nice I'm behaving tonight?"

The package has since been removed from the production company office, but the official NYPD Twitter account noted there will be "a heavy police presence and residual traffic in the area as we continue our investigation with our law enforcement partners".

Police said the package had been delivered either Tuesday or Wednesday, WCBS said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and actor Robert De Niro are the latest critics of President Donald Trump to be targeted by suspected pipe bombs following a wave of similar devices sent to top Democrats this week. As at the time the parcel got to the restaurant, nobody was in the premises.

The first package turned up on Monday and was addressed to Soros, the billionaire financier and advocate of liberal, open-border values who is a frequent target of right-wing conspiracy theories.

The parcel intended for Holder ended up rerouted to the return address printed on all the packages - the Florida office of US Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who formerly chaired the Democratic National Committee, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The employee called because after seeing news reports about other pipe bombs, he remembered seeing the suspicious package a day or two earlier, the official said.

Trump responded by tweeting that he thinks De Niro may have been hit too hard in his past movie roles.

"I think this is an act of political terrorism", Congressman Rodney Davis, a Republican from the state of IL, said on CNN early Thursday.

An explosive sent to CNN prompted the evacuation of the Time Warner Center in NY, but no one was hurt. "And we will not allow them to win", Cuomo said.