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Google is making it easier for users to control their privacy. And, yes, this means you can delete your Google Search History with only a few clicks or taps.

Google says it is also making it easier to access privacy controls so users can disable ad personalisation, and easily control which Google applications can save their activity.

Google is adding this improvement to Google Search on desktop and mobile web today.

Starting from today, Google is implementing these changes in desktop and mobile web. Previously, if you were searching on Google and wanted to manage this data, you'd have visit your Google Account and dig around. Now, the procedure has become easy and convenient.

Google doesn't "sell" its users' data, but it still uses it for tailoring ads across its various services, such as Youtube, search or Maps.

Despite the increasing regulatory scrutiny in the United States, Google's Mr. Miraglia said the latest privacy changes were sparked by user feedback from product-research sessions the company regularly conducts with users, not concerns about possible regulatory action. For example, after you delete a specific Google search from My Activity, we'll delete what you searched for, but we might keep information about how often you search for things. Here, you can see what you've searched for, and when, and there's a pin indicating that location data may be available as well. Furthermore, you can also decide what information Google stores about from the Google Accounts menu. Both Google and Facebook have recently been a part of scandals relating to privacy, and its admirable to see Google taking strong and immediate steps instantly.

Meanwhile, Google in June refreshed the Account page on Android with more prominent privacy and security options. As a result, giant tech companies are facing a lot of criticism, and they're feeling pressure to better protect their users' privacy.