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China has jokingly suggested that US President Donald Trump should swap his Apple iPhone for a Chinese model, after denying a report claiming Beijing was bugging his private calls. "If they are still not reassured, for the sake of absolute security, they may stop using all modern communications devices and cut themselves off from the outside world".

The Times report, citing current and former officials, said Chinese spies have listened to Trump's iPhone calls and that the President's aides had told him Russian spies were listening regularly. While they may not have access physically to his phone, Chinese spies could intercept unsecured calls over mobile phone networks or tap the phones of people the President calls.

While Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying did not directly address the snooping allegations, she told a briefing yesterday that "certain people in the USA are sparing no efforts to win the best screenplay award for the Oscars".

China's plan included targeting and encouraging Trump's associates to persuade the president to formally meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, one official said to The Times.

Hua's comments come after Verizon and AT&T dropped plans to sell a new Huawei handset amidst reported pressure from USA government officials.

Trump, despite objection, continues to use personal iPhone to speak with the family, friends and business contacts, which security advisors fear may influence President's work.

American intelligence agency leaders and others have expressed concern about the Huawei Technologies company.

"I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cell phone".

Trump called the Times report incorrect on Thursday, and dismissed it as "long and boring".

As for President Trump, he reacted just as everyone expected by going to Twitter and calling the NYT report "soooo wrong".

Beijing has dismissed a USA newspaper report alleging Chinese intelligence eavesdropped on Donald Trump's calls and suggested the United States president should switch to a Chinese phone.

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that US President Donald Trump urged the Spanish government to tackle the Mediterranean migration crisis by building a wall across the Sahara desert.