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As well as Curtis, Nick Castle, who played the original Michael Myers, is also back for this one, not that you'd ever know.

This is to say: Halloween's success is a big deal and will hopefully show that audiences would love to see more female protagonists over 55, and more female-led horror, and more over-55-female-led-horror! In one of Michael Myers' first murders in the new movie, the offscreen voice of a crying baby, Green explained, was provided by none other than Curtis herself. It's also the second-best R-rated horror movie opening of all time (IT, released a year ago, holds that title) and the best opening for any movie in the Halloween franchise, of which there have been 11 (!) entries, all of which the latest movie acts like never happened, at least until the next reboot.

The film, which was released in 1998 and directed by Steve Miner, is the seventh instalment in the Halloween film series and is a direct sequel to Halloween and Halloween II. The box office was looking sharp after going under the knife!

Movie theater attendance was up overall the last few days, with this particular weekend (42nd of the year) posting record-breaking ticket sales of about 18.2 million, the highest on record (that is, since 1982).

Meanwhile, Curtis has also opened up about what made her agree to reprise Strode after the disastrous Halloween H2O in 1998, telling the outlet Gordon Green's planned opening scene was delightful. The horror film headlined a massive weekend overall weekend, that saw the top twelve combine for over $160 million, making this the second largest October weekend ever. Venom previously had that record, too, with 3.7 million people attending its opening day earlier this month. "Halloween" cost just $10 million, marking another win for Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions, who co-financed the film with Miramax. More than 80 percent of critics recommended the movie, according to RottenTomatoes.com. "Biggest Halloween opening ever #womengetthingsdone". Goosebumps 2 also held its place in the box office ranking fourth while First Man dropped two spots down to number five.