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Despite record collections, the federal deficit still grew to the highest level in six years. Vulnerable Democratic Senators are seeking to win back seats that Trump won by double digits in 2016, even as Republicans deal with widespread disapproval of the president among suburban women and other groups.

President Trump on Saturday continued his theme of portraying Democrats as campaigning for "radical socialism" and "open borders" and said they'll turn the USA into Venezuela if they take power. In October 2010, just before Republicans recaptured the House, and 2014, the electorate became more Republican as the universe of those registered was winnowed to likely voters.

In December, Trump signed into law the largest tax overhaul since the 1980s, which slashed the corporate rate from 35 percent to 21 percent and temporarily reduced the tax burden for most individuals as well.

President Donald Trump signaled he'd be happy with next-in-line Kevin McCarthy, the majority leader and a longtime ally Trump calls "My Kevin".

Trump used his Kentucky visit to praise Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for shepherding the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh through the Senate.

Republicans face other obstacles, including strong Democratic fundraising and enthusiasm, as well as struggling top-of-ticket GOP contenders in some Midwestern states that could hurt candidates down the ballot.

Heller and Rosen shake hands Friday before the start of their Las Vegas debate, their only one of the campaign. Watch the former president's remarks in the player above. Keep in mind, elections in the last weeks, especially in the last days can be very fluid. He was in Las Vegas, at a union local, to lend his support to Heller's challenger, Rep. Jacky Rosen.

Blinded by extreme partisanship, hungry for power and obsessed with tax cuts and environmental and financial deregulation, the Republicans have permitted Trump to recklessly exercise executive power - such as instituting tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum under the bogus guise of protecting USA national security - contrary to their own party's policies and the interests of the citizens they represent.

The rally is set for Elko, Nevada, and marks the second Nevada rally in two months for Trump, who appeared in Las Vegas in September.

Bill Nelson joined Biden at the rally, held at the University of South Florida recreation center. But in numerous 25 districts the Republicans hold that Hillary Clinton carried, they face stiff head winds.

On Monday, the President will head to Texas to campaign for Republican Sen.

If this sample of 69 were extrapolated to the entire population of 153 seats on JMC's "watch list", that would suggest a net Republican loss (now that Democrats are trailing in a race in Minnesota) of 21 seats (23 last week), with 58 additional Republican seats too close to call (was 58 Republican, 4 Democrats last week).