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The places serve as a hub for smart products displayed the way consumers might use them in their homes.

The NOTCH, barely announced and no surprises. It's clear that Google is trying its hardest to one-up Apple. We're also seeing hints of a new PhotoBooth and Super-Res zoom features, but we're not sure if they'll actually come to older Pixel devices. Tell Google Home Hub that you'd like to see pictures of a person or people and it will automatically display them as a screensaver that doubles as a digital photo frame.

Now time will take if the Google Pixel Slate is worth it, and especially at that price point. If the voice matches, Google will answer the query without needing to unlock the phone.

Perhaps the biggest complaint about the new Google Pixel phones is their massive and unaesthetic notch, despite the notch-display ratio being smaller than top competitors. "But as a lot of the technology advancements become more naked to the eye, it becomes that much tougher to sell". This new feature, like many others, uses Google's efforts in machine learning to predict what you want, need, or should say while replying or typing an email. While both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 run it, the Pixel 3 will receive its key features and updates for it before the Pixel 2. Like the iPhone, Google's new blower put a notch at the top to include the front-facing camera and speaker whilst still removing bezels from around the rest of the phone. Under Home Hub Google has redesigned the interface of its core services like search, maps, YouTube, Photos and others. The device will cost $ 149.

Google has sold an estimated 7 million Pixels over the past two years, nearly imperceptible next to the 3.6 billion phones shipped during that time, according to IDC. From a hardware standpoint, this is still just a Google Home speaker with a screen, not that different from Lenovo and JBL's first swing at the segment.

Google said it would augment distribution by opening two temporary stores in popular neighborhoods of Chicago and NY on October 18 and putting up displays at US tech retailer B8ta and Goop. Not only is there a 12.2-megapixel camera on the back but there's also dual 8-megapixel f/1.8 snapper on the front with a super-wide f/2.2 lens lens for a new "Group Selfie Mode".

The new device also can allow users to play music and videos from Google-owned YouTube. This updated interface will also be rolling out to the Google Home app as well, really cleaning up the interface you have to use on a phone to control all your things. Where you'd expect to see a camera, you instead get an array of sensors that help the Home Hub constantly adjust the screen to feel natural in the room and light where it finds itself.

Shares of speaker maker Sonos Inc were down 5.6 percent on Tuesday.