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Facebook shut down Paper, a stand-alone iOS app that was part News Feed, part newsreader, in 2016, two years after its launch.

Then it says to check your account and instructs you to forward the message to all your friends.

The message says, 'Hi....

"Please stop sending me copy and paste emails about Facebook accounts being cloned".

If you're anxious you've been hacked, Facebook has a series of guides on how to get back in (although it helps to be prepared).

The cloned account hoax comes after Facebook reported a security breach in which 50 million user accounts were accessed by hackers exploiting a bug that affected its popular "View As" feature.

There is a new Facebook hoax in town and it makes you believe that someone has hacked your account. "Please DO NOT accept a 2nd friend request from "me". please forward to all your contacts".

A viral hoax is spreading across Facebook, prompting officials to warn against heeding the fake messages about cloned accounts. On a help center page, they told a user that "the notification you saw is likely a scam". "And you're just making it worse", the Facebook post read.

"What they're trying to get you to do in this case", he said, "is to forward this message on to your friends and colleagues and family, to try to get them to forward it along further and further and further".

The message that went viral these past few days is different, however: It urges you to forward it to "all the people you want to forward to" - which many take to mean all their friends. You can click this link to reverse the email change and secure your account'.

Facebook didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.