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"There are like 30/40 minutes worth of scenes that aren't in this movie". "Good for him though man, do you know what I mean?"

- Scott Mendelson, ForbesThe cast seems to all know they're in a darker superhero movie, except Tom Hardy who is basically remaking Jim Carrey's Liar Liar.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the film stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate.

Forbes: It's not "good", but it has a self-satirical edge, and Tom Hardy seems to be trying to be the first actor to win an Oscar and a Razzie for the same performance.

The early trailer footage for Venom already left me uninspired, but hearing this kind of news only makes me even more anxious about the comic book movie that is set to grace our presence this Friday.

"Point is, everything I wanted to make is in that movie, more actually". Everyone is asking us that. "Hate to break it to you", Ahmed told his co-star. If anything, Venom is more of a proof of concept, a way to show there's legs in a franchise built around a giant, gloppy alien monster sort-of hero who needs to be warned not to bite people's heads off.

In Spider-Man 3, Venom (Grace) and his portrayal were mixed due to a lack of focus in its character and tone, as the villain had been shoehorned in the film's climax.

The story is a Jekyll-and-Hyde tale where Hardy's journalist character, Eddie Brock, tries to keep Venom's bad behavior under control.

We're not going to reveal what the scene is about but we will do a breakdown of the movie's ending and this mid-credits scene after the film opens October 5th.

Mike Ryan of Uproxx said: "I'm *fascinated* with VENOM".

Numerous reviews describe the movie as outdated and that the film belongs in the year 2004. "It's too bad they didn't go for the R rating though".

"This radically different approach will surely be jarring to some, but the fact that this movie could never exist in the same world as "Captain America: Civil War" despite hailing from the same brand of comics is part of its charm". And the film is awesome, and I'm excited and I just want to shoot a sequel. In all fairness, I'll take guilt because of what Sam Raimi used to say in all of these interviews feeling guilty that I forced him into it.

Venom is out on 5 October.