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While the charging issue mostly pertains to the new iPhone XS Max, AppleInsider reported the issue manifested on an iPhone 7 and a 12.9-inch first-gen iPad Pro as well. Yes, there are obviously complaints over some issues floating around out there, some more serious than others.

There have been several reports of the new iPhones not charging automatically when plugged in. For this reason, it is possible that many iPhone XS users are not even aware that their devices are impacted. This display stand not only keeps your iPhone XS, AirPods and Apple Watch all in one place, but charges all of them up for you, too. Therefore, this potential new problem with box-fresh iPhones may end up joining others such as Bendgate, Antennagate and.uh.Slowdown-gate as examples of critical, Apple-specific impacts on their normal use as smartphones. If you bought an iPhone XS Max though, you're nearly certainly happy with your purchase even if you had an iPhone X previous year.

Benchmark analysis conducted by some websites show iPhone XS Max is super fast and even beats Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in certain tests. There's one thing you might miss, however, but it's finally here so you won't have to go without it. "So there's something to do with the sleep mode or the idle mode that for some reason is blocking the charge current from coming through, or at least the battery from receiving the charge".

If you bought a new iPhone Xs model, you might want to be careful.

#ChargeGate @UnboxTherapy My XS Max has the issue, but it's not consistent. Customers can also opt for a five percent discount by pre-ordering the latest iPhone models using an HDFC Bank credit card, RBL Bank credit card, or the Axis Bank Buzz credit card. And while the iPhone XS Max also dipped its toes in the "design changes" pool, just a little this time, there was one device which was just interested in sunbathing - the iPhone XS.

Just like the iPhone X (and we will try to resist the temptation to use that sentence opener), the front of the iPhone XS is nearly all covered with the display, paired with the (in) famous notch.

It's not entirely clear what causes the issue. In China, of course, beauty filters are common features for domestic smartphone brands and often turned on in new phones' default settings.

Since these wallpapers have a border that hugs the edges of the screen, they obviously only work if that border is in exactly the right place. The markup for products at an average of 5.5 thousand rubles, which is much lower than past year, sellers are charging a price 2-3 times more.