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Passengers were forced to swim for their lives on Friday when an airliner ditched into a lagoon after missing the runway on a remote Pacific island and began sinking.

The nine Filipino seafarers who were onboard the Air Niugini plane that crash landed in Micronesia are all safe, the Philippine Consulate office in Guam said on Sunday.

The Navy crew turned their attention to transferring the soaked passengers and crew to their boat.

The airline did not immediately offer any other details about the passenger, such as his age or nationality.

The passengers managed to escape from the plane, and locals arrived shortly on small boats to assist with the rescue operation.

The Air Niugini plane in the lagoon off Weno airport in Chuuk.

Some members of the crew and passengers on board have been taken to a local hospital for treatment and are undergoing checks, however, there have been no reports of serious injuries thus far. "I thought, well, this is not the way it's supposed to happen".

Social media posts shows a series of small boats helping passengers from the submerged aircraft.

"One would think that they might be afraid to approach a plane that's just crashed".

The cause of the crash is still unknown. The airline and the US Navy both said the plane landed in the lagoon short of the runway.

The weather "was very poor with heavy rain and reduced visibility at the time of the incident", Air Niugini said in a statement. But their total land area is only four times the size of the USA capital. Chuuk is in the Caroline Islands between the Northern Mariana Islands to the north and Papua New Guinea to the south.

Air Niugini scheduled a special flight "to allow those passengers who wish to complete their trip to Port Moresby and onward to their final destinations". "Everybody came together and rushed to the plane and rescued the passengers".

According to USA Today, the country has close ties to the United States under an agreement known as a compact of free association.