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Teigen also admitted that she had begun instinctually adopting the mispronunciation of her name after being worn down over the years. While she cleared up that her last name is pronounced "Sigh-fred", her sister actually says it differently as "Sigh-freed".

Yes, yes we all know it by now, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are motherfucking couple goals.

Chrissy Teigen says people have been mispronouncing her last name for years, and she hasn't corrected them. "I don't correct people, ever", she writes. "They can name me Janet and I won't".

"So do you want us say Tee-gen?"

The camera then cut to her mother, who confirmed her daughter's bombshell announcement. If you're surprised to hear that considering how outspoken she is, Teigen explained, "I don't correct people but I do I don't know im so exhausted please let me go".

Chrissy seemed to indicate that it just got too tiresome, so she gave up. "I even excellent of us when they are saying it precisely.it's all v effed up". "I'm bored to loss of life in residing this lie", she said in the video. Think of all the Starbucks jokes she could have avoided. "It's Tie-gen. Isn't that right mom?" Ancestry.com has that Teigen comes from the Old Norse word teigr, which means "strip of land".

Meanwhile, another Twitter user wasn't happy about Chrissy presenting an award onstage with her husband, John Legend.