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Despite having to deal with all this pressure, however, Meghan has withstood it all with grace and poise, and, according to a close friend, has remained true to her old self the entire time.

"She is still going to be seeing and speaking to her most trusted friends just as before", she said, adding that she is "getting used to a more discreet social life".

In the past "the only other place she has visited regularly is Whole Foods, which is little more than five minutes away from Kensington Palace", the source continues. "You can argue she has the biggest acting role ahead of her that she ever had in her life".

When Meghan Markle is in the royal spotlight, she shines, but she takes pains to fly under the radar when she's not on official duty.

He was the one who was always there for her. Fake waves and smiles can stop.

"I am not candy coating anything anymore!" The DUCHASS should be humane to our father who has given her everything. and this media crap can stop! "The duchA** can bow to the daddy".

Thomas and Samantha aren't the only ones to have raised their issues with Meghan in a public forum.

It looks like Meghan Markle is losing friends nowadays and it's all because of her newfound status as a royal. "I am not surprised Trump said he could shoot someone and still get votes".

Her newfound skills, which she has perfected with the help of the Queen's former assistant private secretary, Samantha Cohen, will be on display next month when she joins Harry for their autumn tour Down Under.

People magazine reports that all of this has been very "tough" on Markle.

The childhood friends had a falling out after Priddy, who was Meghan's maid of honor at her first wedding, disapproved of how she broke things off with her film producer husband Trevor Engelson. "The Meg I remember was very caring and she cared about everybody-that was important to her".