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"Now, we're down to just one mill", Berman said.

Wei Jianguo, former vice-minister of commerce, said the United States is handling relations with China in an extremely high-pressure and irrational manner.

If eventually carried out, Trump's latest threat could result in tariffs on all Chinese goods entering the United States, an unprecedented escalation of his trade war with China.

President Donald Trump has upped the ante in the trade dispute with China, threatening now to impose tariffs on all Chinese goods entering the United States.

Many U.S. executives and trade experts have opposed using tariffs as a negotiating tool with China, but Berman doesn't see the issue in black and white. The U.S. imported US$505 billion of Chinese products in 2017, Census Bureau figures show.

Some of Rockland's raw materials - like certain woven fabrics and chemicals that make blackout fabrics fire-resistant - are included on the list.

WALL STREET: On Thursday, U.S. technology companies suffered sharp losses for the second day in a row and emerging markets slid on trade fears.

Apple outlined how the company's operations and products will be affected by the tariffs. He made this case during recent public hearings on the proposed tariffs. The Trump administration levied tariffs as a form of retaliation to what it says are unfair Chinese trading practices and the theft of intellectual property.

Tariffs had already been imposed on $34bn of Chinese goods in July. Beijing has threatened to retaliate with duties on $60 billion in American products.

If the president followed through with all his proposed tariffs, essentially every good being imported from China would be taxed. Doing so would escalate a confrontation between the world's two biggest economies and likely squeeze USA companies that import everything from handbags to bicycle tires.

Rockland employs 240 people, mainly at its manufacturing plant in Bamberg, S.C. But, as the Guardian noted, Trump's tariffs are not working.

As trade relations between the two countries continue to get strained, Apple said in a letter to the USA trade representative that the move would "hurt" the company, according to CNBC report.

The proposed tariffs of up to 25% on specific products imported from China to the USA would hit "a wide range of Apple products", the company said, including its Mac mini computer, chargers, adapters, specialized manufacturing machinery and more.

"In summary, [the proposed tariff list] is so broad and encompasses so many information, communication and technology (ICT) products that significant consumer harm is unavoidable", Intel said.

Nearly 350 individuals from companies, trade associations and other entities testified, with most opposed to the levies.

"The first few rounds of tariffs hit supply chains really hard", said Mary Lovely, an economist at Syracuse University.