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It's weird to think that Google Chrome has been with us for a decade, but the free web browser celebrated its tenth birthday on September 2, and fittingly, has released a flashy new update to reflect its new-found maturity. The redesign features "more rounded shapes, new icons, and a new color palette".

In addition to the Omnibox, Google also changed how it labels HTTPS URLs. On iOS, the toolbar has moved to the bottom of the screen to make it easier to use with the new non-home button iPhones.

New features include answers to your queries directly in the Omnibar (so you don't actually have to hit enter and search), an improved password managed with the ability to generate and automatically save new passwords, and more.

If you're a person that relies on Chrome auto-filling your information, you'll be happy to know that the new browser will fill in sections more accurately. Developers have been tinkering with this on Chrome OS for some time and have created a number of different options depending on whether you're using a tablet, clamshell or convertible. For example, if you're a person who loves to have lots of tabs open, you can still do that, but the icons for websites are more clearly visible when you have an enormous amount of tabs open.

4 updates coming to Google Chrome for its 10th birthday

Beyond the roundedness, users should also be able to search both on mobile and the desktop, quicker.

Google said it's also "rolling out a set of new experiments to improve Chrome's startup time, latency, usage of memory and usability" in an effort to improve the browser's performance. If you've been running any of the Chrome Beta builds, this will look familiar, but everyone should get the new coat of paint today. It shows answers directly in the address bar without having to open a new tab, and also alerts you if your searched a website that is already open in a tab on your browser, and redirects you to it with "Switch to tab". The Omnibar is also pill-shaped on the desktop browser, and there is a new avatar icon on the top right that takes you to all your shortcuts to passwords and payment info. On the desktop, the tabs have been redesigned to be more modern and consistent, to match with all the other Material Design elements of the browser.

If Chrome is listed, tap Update. Whether someone will be annoyed enough to stop using Flash or abandon Chrome depends on the user, of course.

The Omnibar, Google's term for the address bar turned search bar, is learning some new tricks too. The browser has even received a customizable new tab page, allowing users to change its background, adjust its icons, and more.