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Former US Vice President Joe Biden delivered a very moving eulogy at the memorial service in honor of the late Republican senator John McCain in Phoenix, Arizona.

"As I contemplated who could best serve our state in US Senate, I kept coming back to one person", Ducey said. ". There is no replacing John McCain, but the law requires me to do it".

But he only committed to serve until January 2019, raising the prospect of requiring Ducey to again appoint a replacement until the seat is up for re-election in November 2020. "I will miss him", Senator Jeff Flake, who represented Arizona alongside Mr McCain in Congress, wrote on Twitter. He's agreed to serve through at least the end of the year, though the governor said he hopes he'll get the commitment from Kyl to serve longer.

Petraeus said McCain was a man of "great courage, unshakable determination, and unwavering devotion to our country and those who defend it", according to remarks released by the family. "Washington Mourned John McCain".

Recall that John McCain 2017 was struggling with a awful disease and died on the night of 26 August.

Jon Kyl, shortly before he retired from the Senate.

"John Kyl is a dear friend of mine and John's", she tweeted.

Later in the interview, Graham said the responses to McCain's death showed the appreciation people had for military service, and he outlined a "formula" for those who wanted to engage in public service.

"It's a great tribute to John that he is prepared to go back into public service to help the state of Arizona", she said. "He always had the opportunity everywhere he travelled to stay true to his values and that service needs to be recognized, because he was a hero to many, not just to the US but around the world", said Sajjan. Although he has worked closely with the White House on the supreme court nomination, Kyl, much like McCain, has been critical of Trump's presidency.

McCain died late last month at age 81 following a yearlong battle with brain cancer.

"I can not think of anything I've done in politics of effect, any cause I've engaged in, that John was not there, that I was not his wingman". I think it is boorish.

The flag-draped coffin holding McCain's body was flown to Washington, D.C., aboard Air Force Two, the plane reserved for the vice president.

"When others were looking into Vladimir Putin's eyes, with an eye of understanding him and reaching accommodation with him, John, of course, said: I looked into his eyes and saw KGB", Kyl said.