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Long before Meghan Markle was on the scene, it seems that Prince Harry had his eyes set on another American actress - Halle Berry!

Just as we'd nearly forgotten about Prince Harry's life before he started dating, and wedded, Meghan Markle, images of him in his old Eton College dorm room have just resurfaced-and they are truly the gift that keep on giving.

There was also this giant cut out of Halle Berry pinned to the wall and Harry sitting proudly in front of it.

She wrote: "OK Prince Harry, I see you!" including a crying laughing face and a "HalleBerryPosta" hashtag.

The photo didn't go unnoticed by many people, one of which was Halle herself who made a decision to tweet the image.

The dorm room photos, published by W magazine Wednesday, got widespread attention online.

"If I'd known that that was the last time I was going to speak to my mother the things that I would - the things I would have said to her", Harry admitted in the documentary.

A series of old photos from Prince Harry's days at Eton College is doing rounds on the Internet, yet again.