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Sacha Baron Cohen's odd brand of humor has landed him in hot water with political figures in recent months after somehow managing to get them to do all sorts of weird stuff on his provocative prank series, "Who is America?". Gio tried to refresh her memory by explaining that he was a "Buffalo Bill" and appeared in the "Naked Gun" movies. Cohen in disguise says, once again miming a stabbing motion.

Laughing and shaking his head, OJ tells them: 'She knows that. The segment continues on and, after the young woman leaves Monaldo and Simpson to talk among themselves, Monaldo kids about how he sometimes just wants to kill his girlfriend. As such, Baron Cohen's Monaldo needled Simpson with various jokes about how much he wants to murder his own girlfriend, jokes to which Simpson often chuckled and responded to by giving high-fives. The two joke about Christina going bungee jumping with a cord that's too long. Cohen said, "We both, uh, how you say, 'lady killers.'" The statement made Simpson uncomfortable, so Cohen pushed forward saying, "It's not what it sounds like".

"Oopsy daisy", Simpson replied with a laugh.

Cohen also brought back his character Erran Morad, Israeli military expert, who met with three Trump supporters who were competing to help Morad fight antifa.

In a promotional video from Showtime released Sunday, Simpson appeared for a conversation with one of Cohen's characters. "If I do (kill her), you introduce to me Cochran", Cohen added. And who could forget how he gave Georgia state lawmaker Jason Spencer a platform to spectacularly go down in flames by exposing his bare ass on television and participating in a "training exercise" that involved him yelling "I'll touch you with my buttocks" and "I'll make you a homosexual!"

"Nicole and Ron are two human beings who were brutally murdered", Nicole Brown's sister Tanya said at the time.

Cohen tweeted that this was the last episode "EVER" of Who Is America? after the series explored the diverse individuals who populate our unique nation.

Per Palin's post, she met Cohen disguised as a US veteran and eventually walked out of the interview because it was so uncomfortable.

Instead, Palin was featured in the credits and actually called a "Special Publicity Consultant (Inadvertent)".