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"But the progress of disease and the inexorable advance of age render their verdict". "With his usual strength of will, he has now chosen to discontinue medical treatment".

"My father's passing comes with sorrow and grief for me, for my mother, for my brothers, and for my sisters", said Meghan in a tweet.

In a joint statement, the former USA leader and ex-secretary of state said: "Senator John McCain believed that every citizen has a responsibility to make something of the freedoms given by our constitution, and from his heroic service in the navy to his 35 years in Congress, he lived by his creed every day". McCain later said he regretted picking Palin.

"I understand the discipline and the things that go along about being a service person and protecting our freedoms", Edwards said. "Now, we're going to do what we can, get the best doctors we can find, and do the best we can".

When McCain won a seat in the Senate four years later, it was Udall's influence that he credited.

Former vice-president Joe Biden, who developed a friendship with McCain while they served together in the Senate, said the Arizona lawmaker will "cast a long shadow".

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who's one of McCain's closest friends, said on Twitter that Cindy McCain "remains steadfast and is traveling every step of the way on this hard journey", and the "love provided by Meghan and the McCain children to their father has been comforting to witness". Biden's son Beau died in 2015 after fighting glioblastoma.

McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, penned a heartfelt tribute to her dad.

While such independence might make Cooper a spiritual (if unconventional) successor to McCain, his appointment could alienate Trump supporters. The dramatic move shocked his fellow Republicans, who thought repeal was a done deal. Some attacked his temperament; others, including the current president, questioned the reality behind the cultivated maverick-warrior image he presented in his three memoirs - the last of which, The Restless Wave, was published only this year. In the middle of it all, Mo would point to me and say, "I'd like to hear John's views". "We could not have made it this far without you - you've given us strength to carry on". "Even in times of political turmoil such as these, we share that awesome heritage and the responsibility to embrace it".

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has released a statement describing McCain, who was elected to the US Senate from Arizona six times, as a "giant", an "icon" and an "American hero".

Trump signed a military policy bill in August named for McCain, but in a sign of their testy relationship the president made no mention of McCain's name in remarks at a signing ceremony. The world will miss John McCain. In 2014, he issued repeated warnings about a resurgent Russia under Putin after the Russian takeover of Crimea.

The decision helped usher in the grass roots Tea Party revolution and the rise of populism later embodied by Donald Trump.

He ran for the Republican nomination but lost to George W. Bush.

Like Goldwater, McCain would also unsuccessfully run for president.

While McCain followed in his family's military footsteps, he did so with his own flair: When he graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1958, he was ranked 894th of 899 graduates.

He was shot down over Hanoi in October of 1967 while on his 23rd bombing mission inside a Skyhawk dive bomber.

The force of the ejection was so violent, McCain broke his right leg and both arms.

During a 1967 bombing run over Hanoi, McCain's plane was shot down, almost killing him. He was held captive for more than five years. On the ground he was beaten and stabbed with a bayonet by North Vietnamese soldiers. He spent two years in solitary confinement, and later gave a riveting account of his time in North Vietnam.