KXIP vs KKR Live Score

"This change will strengthen and expand that advertising opportunity for creators so they can get more support from their viewers doing what they love", the blog post states. Twitch Prime users can still watch certain channels ad-free, so long as they subscribe and that particular channel has ad-free viewing enabled for subscribers. Those with already existing monthly subscriptions will have ad-free viewing until October 15, and if viewers have an annual subscription prior to September 14, they'll have ad-free viewing until their renewal date.

The only way to remove ads from the Twitch experience now is to pay even more for Twitch Turbo, a separate subscription service for Twitch that costs $9 a month. Announced in an email sent to Twitch Prime users, Amazon announced that starting August 28th, they will no longer offer a 20% discount on physical video games pre-ordered through the e-commerce website.

As the latter post alludes to, Twitch Prime recently began offering free games and in-game content to subscribers. Like Amazon's movie and TV streaming support and two-day delivery, the advantages of Twitch Prime are wrapped up over the same $120 annual subscription. This promotion has been changed a few times, such as excluding collector's editions and physical items like amiibo, but the 20% discount on pre-orders stood for awhile. Both offered discounts on video games, including 20% off of pre-orders and new purchases.

The headliner here is the removal of ad-free viewing from Twitch Prime. Ad-free viewing is the only perk besides the monthly free sub that I care about. Instead, the online retailer will implement a new benefit that gives customers a $10 Amazon credit for pre-ordering select games.

Thank you for being a Twitch Prime member. With ads, the platform and game creators can get a cut.

Twitch says that advertising is an important revenue stream for the creators on Twitch. The company announced in a blog post today it's nixing that feature for new subscribers starting September 14, while it'll be another month before it goes away for users on annual subscriptions.