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Nicki Minaj visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about her latest album, Queen. He brought up her song "Barbie Dreams" and asked why he wasn't mentioned on the long list of famous guys that she raunchily rapped she wouldn't get with.

Even though he put her on the spot, Minaj didn't miss a beat and dropped a verse that left Colbert speechless. I'm not telling you.

"It's pretty comprehensive. It's a pretty comprehensive list, and I'm just curious, if I were to make the list, how might you inform me?"

With everything taken into account, it sounds like Self got upset that Nicki played him for the drop after he was talking sh** about Cardi, so then he hopped on social media trying to be amusing and started an entire war that is scheduled to continue on Queen Radio on Beats 1 Radio on Thursday. "I might f-k Stephen after the show / He's gonna come back to work with a magical glow".

As Colbert blushed and the crowd roared with laughter, Onika continued. "I would say 'I might f**k Stephen after the show". She asked if he was married and he tried to hide his wedding band before confessing he is. "We are on CBS right now and I am very unclear how much of this cover will make it to air", Colbert said. And you, in no uncertain terms, describe reasons why these men would not be able to, as the kids say, get with you...

She then clarified that two people on his list approached her about it, but she wasn't going to snitch. The other person, he was just laughing. "He was texting me and it was kind of like a mix of like cursing me out and laughing at it", she added.