Each time there is a slight inkling that new Diablo projects are in the works, I'm straight on it.

Things have been slow in Diablo-land for the past few years, but that's likely going to change soon, with Blizzard teasing on Twitter today that it has some Diablo projects in the works.

It will be a while before we get to hear about these multiple Diablo games or projects that are in development but rumor has it that Blizzard Entertainment is bringing Diablo 3 to Nintendo Switch.

A job listing on their recruitment page opened up a can of worms for the devs, after they asked for a "skilled Dungeon Artist" to work on a "new, unannounced Diablo project".

In a new video shared earlier today on the series' Official Facebook Page, Associate Community Manager Brand Camel confirms that multiple Diablo projects are now in the works, some releasing earlier than others.

She added that some of the projects will take more time to develop than others while some of the Diablo projects will be revealed by the end of 2018. Some of them are going to take longer than others. According to Camel, we might get a glimpse at what Blizzard's working on later this year... presumably at BlizzCon in November.

"The Season of Greed is our first Themed Season and we plan to explore additional themes in the future", said Community Manager Brandy Camel. Fortunately, it sounds like we're getting some details in the relatively near future.

KitGuru Says: Blizzard seems to be buckling down on something new for Diablo fans.