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For Fox News, Samuel Chamberlain reports that "t$3 he National Archives said Thursday that it will not be able to completely review more than 900,000 pages of documents related to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's time in the George W. Bush White House until the end of October".

The heightened tensions over President Donald Trump's nominee came as the first batch of documents were turned over to the committee from George W. Bush's team Thursday, totaling more than 125,000 pages during Kavanaugh's time serving in Bush's White House counsel's office from 2001-2003.

Grassley last week asked Bush's presidential library for the paperwork without the documents from Kavanaugh's staff secretary years.

The National Archives letter arrived amid a larger fight over how many documents from Kavanaugh's past the committee should review before a confirmation vote. She indicated she won't make a decision before his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing as part of what she called a "thorough and exhaustive review". But Democrats have criticized that process and the lawyer leading it - former Bush lawyer Bill Burck - as political.

"This unprecedented process appears to be designed intentionally by Republicans to deny the Senate and the American people the information they need to evaluate this critically important nomination", said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, according to NBC News. Democrats had also requested more documents from the National Archives from Kavanaugh's time as staff secretary to Bush.

Hatch said he's "sick and tired" of the partisanship and that Kavanaugh would ultimately be confirmed. Those documents now need to be reviewed by relevant stakeholders before being submitted to the committee, he said.

Grassley still plans on a September confirmation hearing for Kavanaugh, even with the letter from the National Archives, committee spokesman Taylor Foy said.

The documents could be produced earlier via a separate source: the Bush presidential library, which is conducting its own review.

"As Chairman Grassley said this morning, he intends to hold a hearing sometime in September", said the aide.

Republicans have protested that the number of documents is more than the number requested for the previous five Supreme Court nominees combined.

Democrats have raised concerns about Bush's legal team going through Kavanaugh's documents, warning that the Senate may not receive all of the documents that they are entitled to, because they are being reviewed by a group of lawyers outside the Archives.

"Please note that we will not be able to complete our review of all of the records that you have requested by August 15, 2018", Stern wrote to Grassley.

Stern wrote that the the archives had reviewed 70,000 records for the confirmation process for Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., and 170,000 records for the confirmation process for Justice Elena Kagan.

During Thursday's press conference with Republicans leaders on the Senate Judiciary Committee, GOP senators stood in front of over 167 boxes that each can hold roughly 6,000 pages labeled "Kavanaugh Files" to show the massive amount of pages already being made available.