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The Southern African Development Community called the elections "a political watershed in Zimbabwe's history", but with some shortcomings, urging anyone with grievances to refrain from violence.

As vote counting from the Zimbabwe's historic Presidential and Parliamentary elections held on Monday July 30 continues, the elections body, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has released results from most of the constituencies, putting the ruling ZANU-PF in the lead.

On his official Twitter feed, Chamisa accused the ZEC of releasing the parliamentary results first to prepare Zimbabweans for a Mnangagwa victory.

Opposition supporters burnt tyres in the centre of Harare, blocking some streets and engaging in running battles with police who fired water cannons to disperse the protestors.

Armoured personnel carriers ferried troops and riot police to the scene.

The government has said that the army was deployed in central Harare to assist police in restoring order.

Police patrol outside the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission offices in Harare, Zimbabwe.

After first indicating it would release presidential vote totals on Wednesday, the electoral commission said it would wait until Thursday, adding that agents for the more than 20 candidates must verify them first.

"I was making a peaceful protest".

"This is our government".

The crowds chanted: "We want Chamisa".

"They've rigged these elections. We thought they were our savior in November but they fooled us", said newspaper vendor Farai Dzengera, admitting that the brief dream of an end to decades of repression was over. Why are the army here beating us? shooting us? "Shooting us? This is not an election, it is a disgrace on our country".

One of the people who was killed by bullets sprayed by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) was identified by the public on social media as a local shop owner who had just closed her store and was walking to her auto.

"We are exhausted of them stealing our votes".

"We saw the deployment of military tanks and the firing of live ammunition for no apparent reason".

This, no doubt, has set the stage for President Emmerson Mnangagwa's victory.

More than five million people were registered to vote - with a high turnout of 70%.

Priscilla Chigumba, who chairs the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, said on Tuesday it was moving more slowly than expected.

The EU assessment is critical in determining whether Zimbabwe can fix its image and attract the foreign investors needed for an economic revival.

Another member of the opposition, Eveson Matambanadzo, said: "The results we have are cooked if you compare the people who voted on the ground to the results that are there it doesn't tally".

The MDC did not immediately respond to the parliamentary figures but its presidential contender Nelson Chamisa, 40, said the presidential results were being faked.

The EU mission found an "improved political climate, but (an) unlevel playing field and lack of trust in the process", it said in a statement, two days after Zimbabwe's first ballot since Robert Mugabe was ousted by the military ending his 37-year rule.

Though some results in local races have been announced, she said full and official results might not be announced until the weekend.