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Police immediately pursued the suspects by boat and helicopters. The monarchs were initially buried with these crowns, but later exhumed, NBC News said.

Two men reportedly lifted them from locked glass boxes and made their getaway in a speedboat waiting at a nearby waterway.

"These are items that are completely unique, well-known.in Sweden and probably even internationally", he said.

Two crowns, one belonging to King Karl IX and the other to Queen Kristina (monarchs who reigned in the 17th century), were taken, as was a royal orb. Karl IX's crown is made of gold, rock crystal, enamel and pearls, and Christina's is made...

The thieves, who have not been identified, and the jewels are being sought internationally via Interpol, Swedish police spokesman Stefan Dangardt said, noting the objects were a "national treasure" and would likely be "very hard to sell".

"I saw a little, white boat and the men jumped in the boat and sped away", a witness told the Swedish daily Aftonbladet. In the statement, police described the motorboat as a small open boat, although it was uncertain what colour the boat was. We have some different information about how exactly the boat looked. The stolen items were on display at an exhibition in the cathedral, and visitors were inside at the time. Thomas Agnevik, a police spokesman, told Swedish TV that the regalia were "invaluable objects of national interest".

Police and cathedral officials said they did not know the value of the objects that were stolen.

'I think it's bad, it's despicable that people would steal from a holy building and take something of historic and monetary value.