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Her two children, 5-year-old James Roberts and 4-year-old Emily Roberts, were stranded with their great-grandmother Melody Bledsoe, 70, when flames swept through the family's rural property Thursday on the outskirts of Redding.

Two others have died.

Two firefighters were killed in the fire. The company has also teamed up with Tri Counties Bank to establish a general fund benefitting victims across Shasta County.

Firefighters discuss plans while battling the Carr Fire in Shasta, Calif., on Thursday, July 26, 2018.

"My babies are dead", she said. "And I'm like, 'No, it's going down the mountain and it's going to come back up the next ridge'".

The family spent the night at a hotel. He rushed back to his home to try to retrieve possessions but by the time he arrived, authorities had closed the road. He could feel the fire sucking the air from around him, whipping up swirling embers in a "fire tornado", he said. "I just keep seeing all of their handsome faces".

"We're trying to get the heavy fuels down away from the line so we'll have less chance of embers crossing the line". Having rapidly spread, it was only 10 percent contained Sunday morning.

Chris Anthony, deputy chief of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said the Carr Fire has scorched 125 square miles. And two new blazes burning 30 miles apart are threatening dozens of buildings and have prompted mandatory evacuations in Northern California's Mendocino County.

Some 1100 people crowded into an evacuation centre at Shasta College, outside Redding, one of several shelters that officials said reached full capacity on Saturday. Residents in some neighboring Lake County communities have also been told to leave their homes.

"They go into the steepest of the steep, the most rugged of the rugged areas", said Mike Theune, a spokesman with the parks.

The Carr Fire is among 17 major fires blazing in California with more than 200,000 acres burning, the National Park Service told a news conference.

The Carr Fire almost doubled in size to 80,906 acres Saturday. The blaze began as a small wildfire and erupted into a living hellscape.

The Carr Fire, set off by a malfunctioning vehicle on Monday, has killed five people. "It's just like a bomb just hit each house and just exploded".

Redding Police Chief Roger Moore kept up an around-the-clock work schedule despite learning that his home was one of those destroyed. The Redding police said they have an additional 11 reports of missing individuals.

But when they returned Friday, virtually nothing was left of their home but fine particles of ash. It was so hot, they couldn't walk through it to see if anything survived.

"It's pretty emotional", Terri Hill said. "My heart is crushed i can't believe this is real i just keep seeing all of their attractive faces". A lot of memories.

On Saturday, US authorities called the family into the sheriff's office with news of the search's grim conclusion - and details of a matriarch's final, futile act.

Liz Williams loaded up two kids in her auto and then found herself locked in bumper-to-bumper traffic with neighbors trying to retreat from Lake Redding Estates.

She eventually jumped the curb onto a sidewalk and "booked it".

"I've never experienced something so terrifying in my life", she said.

In Canada, Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources said on Sunday that there were 39 active fires in the north east of the province, 12 of them out of control.

The flames moved so fast that firefighters working in oven-like temperatures and bone-dry conditions had to drop efforts to battle the blaze at one point to help people escape.

"We are well ahead of the fire activity we saw a year ago", she said.

"I think I'm still in shock", Noland said.