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Note phones have never really struggled with any of those aspects, though we're hoping the storage part alludes to the rumored 512GB variant.

"Battery can't keep up?" the video tagline asks. For its foldable phone, Huawei has struck a deal with BOE instead of market leaders like Samsung Display and LG Display. It's more than likely that the Fortnite Android release date will be around August 9th on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

It's clear that Samsung has bumped up the battery in the new device but, by how much?

As per reliable reports, Samsung Galaxy Note9 will retain the Infinity Display design as seen in the previous iteration with the increase in screen real estate on the front panel. The report also claims that the phone would no longer require a USB-C port or a display adapter to connect to a larger display.

The Samsung DeX dock is undoubtedly a novelty that made some heads turn, giving Galaxy smartphones users an alternative to the traditional desktop. Devices-bound for US, China and South Korea will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor.

It's not coming to all Android phones, at least not at first. So just one day before it gets to the stores, you will be able to book this Galaxy Note 9 as well as you consider it necessary.

We simply can not go a day without there being some Fortnite news and today's offering is a bit of a odd one. There's also word that the game will support the Samsung S-Pen, enabling stylus support and precision aiming for those that can't quite get the job done with their fingers. There have been reports of Samsung moving to 128GB internal storage for the base variant of the Galaxy Note 9, up from 64GB inside the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 8.