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Galaxy Note 9 continues from the Note 8, and sports a horizontal dual-rear camera configuration. This is in line with a previous report that indicated that this flexible model will have a 7.3-inch OLED display.

Galaxy Note 9's new "killer feature" is pointless.

The Samsung device may be ready to roll as soon as the beginning of next year.

Samsung has long discussed the idea of releasing a folding phone, confirming to investors on a recent earnings call that the device was in the process of being developed. Currently, Samsung's most expensive phone is the Galaxy Note 8, which starts at $US960. The differences between these two Note series devices are placement of the fingerprint scanner, and the design of the S Pen.

The phone will reportedly have a 7-inch display and will fold in half like a wallet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note8

The South Korean electronic's manufacturer is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in early August.

It's also worth pointing out the "Do not leak" sticker on the back of the phone for comic effect.

However we have heard rumors that there could be a model with a triple lens setup, taking a page out of Huawei's playbook which interestingly enough is what Apple is rumored to be doing as well.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup is expected to be composed of three models when it launches next year, according to a well-known research analyst. There have been no indication that this will change, but at the same time we're sure that Samsung fans and would-be customers wouldn't mind seeing a larger battery. The good thing is that it's still available as the Samsung Galaxy Note FE.

He says Samsung will be shipping close to 40 million S10 devices next year with the majority being the larger two. Notably, the Galaxy S9 family earlier this year also included a horizontal-oriented sensor below the camera module to make the experience more ergonomic for users than the vertical sensor featured on the Galaxy S8.