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The US president said he would be discussing Syria, the Middle East, Ukraine and nuclear proliferation.

Since last year's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit allies had added $US41bn to their budgets, he said, and now they would redouble their efforts.

First on Trump's agenda was a breakfast with the NATO Secretary General and before the food even came out, Trump was ranting about how the USA funds the protection of all the other NATO countries. "The communiqué is clear: it reaffirms the commitment to two percent [of GDP]", said Macron, who was photographed smiling and sharing a hug with Trump on Wednesday despite recent tensions between the two.

Donald Trump and the whole world leader gang got together to reaffirm their commitment to worldwide defense and cooperation this week and it did not go at all as planned. The Ukranian and Georgian leaders were asked to leave, since burden sharing is a purely internal North Atlantic Treaty Organisation issue.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) also called for the cancellation of the meeting, saying that Trump "cannot claim to love the US while meeting with. a man who is overseeing an all-out attack on America's democracy".

Speaking to reporters while returning from a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit, President Andrzej Duda on Thursday said he had discussed the idea with United States leader Donald Trump on the sidelines of the gathering in Brussels.

And while the president has said he ultimately wants to up commitments doubled to 4 percent, for now he said that countries have agreed to move at a "faster clip" to meet the 2 percent threshold.

When pressed to explain Trump's claims he credited the president with a "new sense of urgency" among allies to "redouble our efforts" to increase defence spending, but did not report any new cash or time commitments.

"I actually think Vladimir Putin sees Trump as his American oligarch", Hall said.

He said it was "totally inappropriate" Berlin had agreed to buy oil and gas from Russian Federation in a deal worth billions of dollars while failing to meet the alliance target of spending 2% of GDP on defence. "That's all." In the end, leaders left with an awkward consensus, after hours in which Trump had been so aggressive in his approach with allies that reports made the rounds that he might pull the USA out.

"He may deny it", Trump said.

In an apparent swipe at Trump, he added: "Sometimes the corridors, comments and tweets take on more importance than what is negotiated, said or endorsed by heads of state".

President Donald Trump said Friday that he apologized to British Prime Minister Theresa May for his interview with a major British tabloid in which he said May ignored his advice on Brexit and praised former United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Trump has said next week's meeting with Putin "may be the easiest" part of his European tour.

TRUMP, at the subsequent news conference with May: "I don't know what they're going to do, but whatever you do is OK with me". She wanted to go a different route.