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What happened to Trump's "Hire American" policy? According to HuffPost, Trump's Florida business has filed at least 10 different requests to hire foreign workers since 2015.

Trump has been criticized for his hiring practices by Floridians who claim they want to work and have been turned down for Mar-a-Lago jobs for no apparent reason.

The postings show that - despite Trump's insistence that immigration is holding down wages and crowding out native-born American workers - his club believes it can not find any Americans in South Florida who are qualified to hold two very common restaurant-industry jobs.

But, apparently, he himself can opt for foreign workers whenever it suits his goal, as a 2016 New York Times report revealed the club has filed for 500 visas for foreign workers through the Department of Labor since 2010. The H-2B visa is for "temporary non-agricultural workers".

Incidentally, a former employee told CNN that a large percentage of these seasonal workers are attractive, young women from Romania and South Africa, adding that the President prefers workers with an "exotic appeal".

Despite his rhetoric that immigration hurts American workers, President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club is seeking to hire 61 foreign workers for the 2018 winter season, according to the Labor Department.

Other charities that hosted events at Mar-a-Lago and benefited from the Trump Foundation's generosity around the same time were the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, The Palm Beach Police Foundation, the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation, the Palm Beach Zoo, and Caron Treatment Centers, among others.

In the midst of President Trump's "Made in America Week" at the White House over a year ago, Trump had said, "We believe jobs must be offered to American workers first". The Washington Post reported that Mar-a-Lago only placed two hard-to-find classified ads in tiny type for waiters with no phone number or email information.

In January, the resort requested 70 H-2B visas for cooks, housekeepers, and servers. Supporters say the program is necessary to keep American businesses afloat and allows seasonal businesses to operate at a greater capacity. "Does that make sense?"

The Mar-a-Lago Club has repeatedly used foreign workers in the past.