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Israeli authorities in the Golan Heights have launched a campaign urging local residents to donate toys, games, and clothes to displaced Syrians near the northern border who fled bombardment by Syrian government forces. The government forces now claim to be in control of more than half of Daraa province. They are moving in the direction of the border with Israel and Jordan. Some of the refugees were asking Israel to protect them or even annex the territory.

Meanwhile, a Jordanian government spokeswoman announced Saturday night that the army has begun to distribute humanitarian aid to the Syrians on the Syrian-Jordanian border. He said he was in touch with the White House.

HTS is primarily headquartered in northwestern Syria's Idlib province, but maintains a limited presence in Daraa province.

Neighbouring Jordan says it can not afford to take any more refugees and is turning away the internally displaced at the border.

Fierce battles were still roiling the area around Deraa city, near the Jordanian border, where the army was trying to capture a disused airbase, rebels said, and the northwestern chunk of Deraa province remains in opposition hands.

Following peace talks held previous year in Kazakh capital Astana, Daraa was designated a "de-escalation zone" in which acts of aggression are expressly prohibited.

Syrian rebels in Daraa have rejected surrender conditions proposed by Russian negotiators to end days of violence in the country's south, a rebel spokesman said on Saturday.

Talks to end the Syrian government's offensive on Deraa province collapsed on Saturday after rebels rejected a demand to surrender by regime ally Russian Federation.

"The regime wants us to hand over everything - Deraa city, the Naseeb crossing, ourselves and the heavy weapons".

A military media unit run by the government's Lebanese ally Hezbollah, and a Syrian state television correspondent said rebels in Bosra al-Sham had agreed to come back under government rule and were starting to surrender their weapons.

The opposition Syrian Negotiations Commission (SNC) on Sunday called on the worldwide community to denounce the crimes against Syrians committed in the southwestern Daraa province.

But neither country has said it will allow an influx of refugees, sparking fears of a humanitarian "catastrophe".

Jordan's prime minister visited a key crossing with Syria on Sunday, inspecting aid deliveries by the Jordanian army to the tens of thousands of displaced Syrians gathering at the border Amman has kept sealed.

The Prime Ministry of Jordan closed the border and said that Jordan "cannot withstand the burden of hosting its Syrian neighbors, but is ready to work with the United Nations in fulfilling its duty without opening the border".