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Harley-Davidson, which Trump has cited in the past as a company hurt by USA trade regulation, said the increased tariffs would cost it an extra $30 million to $45 million in 2018.

The tariffs will go into effect this Sunday, Canada Day, in response to tariffs levied by the United States administration a month ago, on June first. "It is important that these middle class Canadian workers be supported while we all work to restore fair trade in North American steel".

"Where Canadian steel products are subject to tariffs entering the United States, it is only fair that equivalent tariffs should be imposed on US steel products entering Canada", said CSPA President Joseph Galimberti.

Canada and the US are among the world's two largest trading partners with an estimated $ 673.9 billion worth of goods and services exchanged in 2017, with the US scoring a small surplus ($ 8.4 billion), according to the US Trade Representative's office.

Business groups said Friday it was too early to know the impact until licensing and other rules are released.

Most likely even more tariffs.

Since then, the Tories have launched their own "defend local jobs tour", to hear from workers and businesses impacted by the tariffs and threats of further trade action; while the NDP got unanimous consent from all sides in the House of Commons to pass a motion backing Canadian steel, aluminum, and supply management sectors, while condemning "disparaging ad-hominem statements by USA officials".

Potential tariffs of 20 percent on autos have also been threatened by the president.

Canada's Freeland called the idea of auto tariffs "absolutely absurd".

"What we've seen over the last six months or so is Canada take measures to stop that", he said.

While opposition parties have so far largely backed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for standing up to Trump, their support could be tested once the US tariffs start to bite.

Last week, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the U.S. tariffs against Canada and other allies were created to force them into action to address the world's overproduction and overcapacity of steel. Freeland said such tariffs would be "absurd" because the North American auto industry is highly integrated and parts made in Canada often go to cars manufactured in the United States and then sold back to Canadians.

Ottawa had been consulting on the proposed list of goods to mitigate any unintended consequences for Canadian businesses, though it is anticipated the tariffs and counter-tariffs will cost consumers on both sides of the border.

Ottawa would take measures to stop the dumping of steel in the coming weeks once it had finished consulting stakeholders, said Canadian Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, appearing at the same event as Freeland.

The Trudeau government's decision to stand up to Trump with countermeasures has attracted wide support in Canada.

The Canadian Steel Producers Association says the USA and Canada exported roughly the same amount of steel to each other in 2016. "That includes new extended work-sharing, to help employers avoid layoffs, and increased capacity for job and skills training programs for any workers who need them".

The minister also announced funding to help protect steel and aluminum companies and their employees. They've given the president a long leash and will continue to do so. Global Affairs Canada will spend $50-million over five years to help Canadian firms diversify their exports.

Donald Trump at an event to mark the sixth-month anniversary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, saying tariffs are bringing "billions of dollars" to the US.