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"Kim has been anointed to do this", Johnson said in a joint interview with Kardashian that aired Thursday morning on NBC's "Today" show.

The wife of Kayne West also shared her recollection of the emotional moment, telling Twitter the call "will forever be one of my best memories" and 'a moment I will never forget'. "I can't stop", she said. "And I was amazed, too".

Kardashian West first became aware of Johnson's story after an October Mic Opinion video where Johnson shared her story from prison.

Kardashian found out about Johnson on social media and took her quest to have her pardoned all the way to the White House.

Johnson agreed with Kardashian West, and said she intends to keep working on the issue of criminal-justice reform and clemency for prisoners serving similar sentences.

The socialite revealed she broke the ice with Trump by saying, "I'm here because I want to know why you kicked Khloe off 'The Apprentice, '" referring to her sister Khloe Kardashian who was on the president's former reality show in 2009.

Johnson says she plans to continue to work on behalf of inmates still behind bars. "I have to live it out for her, for my family, for the supporters", she said.

Kim visited the White House in May to meet with Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, who is overseeing the administration's push to overhaul the nation's prison system. "But I enjoy this", Kardashian West said. "Thank you President Trump for making that wonderful life possible". So, she started to do her homework, gathering whichever magazines she could find to learn about the mogul.

Ms Johnson was convicted in 1996 for her part in a cocaine trafficking operation involving more than a dozen people. "That you can have an affect over them for the greater good of other people". "I've walked with them".

"At first, I - I thought she knew because the news was starting to break and we had to get her on the phone", Kim explained. "I know that many people experience tragedy, and they don't get involved in illegal activities".

"I love Snapchat so much", Johnson said. And I can't stop. My life is completely intertwined forever with those who are left behind.