KXIP vs KKR Live Score

For fans of Nintendo and the company's very big roster of colourful video game characters, it's an ultimate dream come true. This is only half of Nintendo E3 2018 show though as the remaining 30 minutes have been dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over the coming months, and I'm excited to see actual competitive players duking it out at the invitational tournament Nintendo's arranged at E3.

Prequel DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was shown.

Since its launch, Nintendo has put out a string of truly impressive games. You can use GameCube controllers and Melee techniques like directional air dodge and ideal shielding should up the technical game. Pokemon Trainer is back. Along with character reveals, which included all previous characters from the series, plus a few new ones, we learned about how the game will change on the way to the Switch.

An hour after the Direct presentation wrapped, my colleague Mat Smith and I made our way to a media pen behind Nintendo's booth and grabbed a pair of Pro Controllers. I think it took four games for me to record my first victory (with Fire Emblem Fates' Corrin). I also love crossover fighting games because why bother watching some randos fight each other when it could be my favorite fighting #brands like comic book characters or, better yet, Nintendo characters. If you still haven't tried Fortnite, now's the time to jump in as thousands of Switch players see what all the fuss is about.

Game Informer caught up with Bill Trinen, senior product manager for Nintendo of America, and asked why Metroid Prime 4 wasn't at E3 this year. It's sure to bring more fun, frenetic, slightly stressful multiplayer as you hurriedly serve up orders and scream out assignments in pursuit of high scores. The games manage to be light-hearted while still rewarding skilled play. This one comes exclusively to the Switch on October 5th. For anyone still on the fence about an RPG with eight main characters to choose from, you can try out a demo starting July 14, which will carry over save data should you decide to purchase the full game. The newest character on the roster, Splatoon's Inkling, clocked in at number 64, with the final character revealed, Ridley, making 65 in total.