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For now, however, this tool is only in beta and there's no guarantee the feature will exist on the first public version of iOS 12 this fall.

A new app named as Screen time is created to offer the users a dashboard featured the information that how much time they have invested using the apps, the number of notification they receive, how frequent they picked their device and their pattern of using in comparison with the required or suggested average. You will find that once this update is complete, it will look just like the App Store you see on your iOS device. All of these things are now in the front and in the center of the page, so you will notice it all right off the bat.

Meanwhile, Apple is also introducing better ways to manage your notifications.

Keep swiping up after you see the Dock and hold for a second to see the App Switcher. Siri also got a small upgrade.

Android devices and Amazon Fire tablets have had this feature for years.

You can download the software through Xcode, which is what programmers use to build iPhone apps.

Features in the latest iPhone update are focused on cutting down the time people spend on their smartphones. You don't want that to happen your one and only £1,000 iPhone. And you can also see which apps are sending you the most notifications.

We're in a time where plenty of devices have cellular connectivity, letting them access the internet using mobile phone signal.

WWDC 2018: When and how to watch Apple's keynote live from India

You can publish your app as soon as it's approved, or manually release it on a specific day.

You'll need to sign up for Apple's Beta Software Program.

New features help protect users' anonymity online. That way, parents can make sure critical apps will still work even during downtime, like the Phone app or Books. This feature works with Family Sharing.

The WWDC also unveiled the iOS12, available for all devices that ran iOS 11.

Apple is not the first tech company to rethink its responsibilities around device addiction. Though the idea isn't new, as Google showed this off a month ago at its presentation, it's still a welcoming addition. Measure App iOS 12 will feature a new app called Measure, which will allow users to accurately measure objects or walls around them.

For example, Facebook earlier in 2018 changed how its News Feed operates to reduce users' time spent on the site in favor of wellbeing.

The movement around digital wellbeing is a fairly recent shift for Silicon Valley, where companies until now have encouraged the design of software and apps that continually engage and addict users, without considering the psychological cost. In the past, they were sued by many companies over copyrights.